Kalki Jayanti

Kalki Jayanti

By Nepali Patro
April 26, 2022

According to the Hindu Sanatan Dharma Shastra and Purans, the sixth day of the month of Shravan of each year is mentioned as Kalki Jayanti. In the last extreme state of iniquity and falsehood, to protect and restore religion and truth in the future Lord Sri Hari-Bishnu, the Lord of the universe, including this earth will take the tenth Kalki Avatar or Kalki Incarnation in this world for the establishment of Religion, Protect and restore the religion. There is a religious belief and tradition that the day of Kalki’s incarnation as the tenth and last incarnation is being celebrated by all Hindus with pomp and a lot of zeal as Kalki Jayanti since a long time. On this day, Hindu Nepalese also celebrate Shri Kalki Jayanti by singing devotional songs, hymns, with proper worship and meditation, chanting of Lord Bishnu’s Shaktipurushottam Kalki avatars’ incarnation. 

According to the Hindu scriptures and the Hindu Purans, the Kalki Puran, and the Shri Madvagbat Gita,  It has been explained that at the end of the present Kali Yuga, Lord Sri Hari-Bishnu will take Kalki incarnation as the last incarnation in the future to end all oppression, sin, iniquity, looting, murder, violence, etc and by restoring the religion and truth he will restore this world to Sati Yuga. It is the tradition in the Hindu society to celebrate the birth anniversary of the same 64 Vidyas (wisdom) Gunayukta Bramhand Nayak, Mahashaktipurushottam Avditiya Lord Shri Kalki on every month of Shravan on Shashthi (sixth) day with devotion and reverent worship of Lord Shri Kalki incarnation. 

According to Hindu religious and mythological narrations, it is from this Kalki incarnation of Lord Bishnu that the sinful Kali Yuga shall end and the same incarnation shall take care of future salvation and welfare of all living beings and the human world.  To Read this article in the Nepali Language please click here.

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