World Sports Day

World Sports Day

By Nepali Patro (Sudan Bhattarai Upadhyaya)
April 6, 2021


World Sports Day is celebrated and observed each year on the 6th of April. This is an event celebrated every year around the world with different sports-related programs. This day is also known as the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace. In short, it is generally known as I.D.S.D.P. World Sports Day is an annual celebration of the power of sports. Which can be used as sports-related issues to drive social change of the community development to foster peace and understanding.

Establishment of World Sports Day

The United Nations General Assembly created this event i.e. World Sports Day on the 23rd of August 2013. This is also supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since the year 2014, the 6th of April. This date i.e. 6th of April commemorates the inauguration of the first Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece in the year 1896. 

Importance of Sports

Sports play an integral part in the development of personnel in every field and profession. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and it teaches us all to be fair and honest in everything we do. World Sports Day is a public and international observance but none of the countries observe a public holiday on this day. 

World Sports Day Celebration and its Activities

This celebration is organized to promote healthy lifestyles. This day emphasizes the focus of the International Olympic Committee on giving possible access to sports to as many people as possible. World Sports Day is a special day when people and athletes of the world’s leading sports work together hand in hand with communities. The objective is to bring sporting opportunities for enriching the lives of the people and particularly of children in sports-related activities.  

United Nations and International Olympic Committee’s Activities

The United Nations along with IOC has a long-standing commitment to using sport as a tool for different changes in the society of countries all over the world. The changes can be a social change of different types. Development of a healthy lifestyle, fair competition, and most important to develop a sense of brotherhood are the main objectives of this celebration.  

 Both of these organizations have worked together hand in hand on many projects over the years. These organizations have used sporting events, of different sorts, as the Olympic Games for example. This endeavor is especially necessary to bridge cultural understanding and to improve education, social development, health, and the economy of the people in general. 

There is no denying that every sport has the power to change the world. Sports is also a fundamental right. This can be very important for school-going children as well as for adults too. Sports is a very powerful tool to nourish and strengthen social ties. It can play as a catalyst to promote sustainable development, peace, and a feeling of solidarity, and respect. 

Sports and its benefit to health

Through sports and physical activity of different sorts, everyone can develop one’s unique individual skills as well as a collective power. Sports and physical activity help us come together and it also helps to share creative ways to improve our health and well-being. 

Therefore, this International Day of Sport presents an opportunity to recognize the role that physical activity and sport can play in the communities and in every people’s life across the world. Sports journalists also have an important role to play in the celebration of Sports Day because of their contribution we can watch sports-related information and news at home.

World Sports Day Celebration in Nepal 

In Nepal also World Sports Day is celebrated and observed each year. All disciplines of sports personnel take the field whether the young player or the seasoned professional during this day for this celebration. Sports fans of different sports, sports aficionados, and families along with athletes of all types of sports come together this day in a specific venue as well as other places and celebrate this day. 

The football players heat up the field with their tackles, passes, long kicks, short kicks, offsides not forgetting to charge and hit a goal in the opponent’s goal post. In the same way, how can we forget volleyball players’ giving optimum play on the occasion of this celebration too?  Long Run, Short run, walkathon, etc are also organized for the love of this world sports day. Half Marathons and Full marathons are organized throughout the nation as feature sports serving as opportunities to enjoy during this worldwide celebration. 

The golfers also hit the links and pots to get at least nine more holes before the designated time. Not to forget, hoopsters (basketball players) also gear up for this annual celebration. 

General Observance, How can One celebrate this Day

World Sports day celebrations can be celebrated in different places in different ways. People can simply gather with friends or family members and play a simple sport that can help boost their overall health. Get out and play any kind of games that is available or indoor games with family and friends. Sports lovers can enjoy watching the family’s favorite team on the television too on this important sports celebration day. 


If you go out and play, do not be preoccupied with your skill level. Relish and enjoy the challenge plus the physical activity in the game yes, it will be worth it. You just need to enjoy those moments and the game you are playing. This day also gives an opportunity to be together with friends and family to enjoy and celebrate a favored pastime which can also be practiced every day. This can prove to be the best way not only to celebrate and observe World Sports Day but, it is one of the best ways to celebrate life itself. 

Sports play an important role in developing different motor skills and help the players develop different qualities as fair play, mutual understanding, etc. World Sports Day is celebrated in different places all over Nepal by organizing different sports at different levels. On this occasion apart from sports competitions organized at different levels as the Community level, National level, etc, this day is also a day to discuss and interact about the role of all sports and sports benefit to the general public. 

Best Wishes to all our Nepali Patro Users and our blog readers on this Occasion of World Sports Day!!!

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World Sports Journalist Day

April 15, 2021
By Nepali Patro (Sudan Bhattarai Upadhyaya)

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