World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day

By Nepali Patro
April 19, 2020

World Meteorological Day is observed on the 23rd of March every year. Despite the different concepts, motives, and slogans of World Weather Day celebrated year after year, the major goal of this celebration is- to perform concrete research and researching global weather, to bring the human-inhabited earth which is in a chaotic situation right now, by the findings bring this world back to managed life and favorable conditions.

This day, today the World Meteorological Organization was founded in 1950 under the subordinate of the United Nations. Its main purpose and mission are to reduce the natural disasters caused by global weather changes and global temperature, such as floods, droughts, tsunamis, heat waves, cold storms, etc thereby reducing human losses and protecting precious human lives.

In order to protect future human developments and its civilization, for the yearly scientific study of air, water, land, weather, temperature, and environment, as well as to warn plus for prevention of the dangers, damages, and natural disasters, for their prevention, accounting and reporting details of future rescue plans are published, analyzed and transmitted to different nations by the meteorologists through their efforts during the World Weather Day. Which explains the current activities, progress, and future action plans of the organization.

On this day, various meetings, seminars, gatherings, and events are conducted in all the nations and places of the world for further study and information on global climate and climatic change, its dangers, harms, and losses. Throughout the Republic of Nepal, various non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, etc under the supervision of the United Nations celebrate World Weather Day with great interest by conducting investigative policies, study reports, and future necessary challenges, and plans for informational and public-conscious events are conducted on the day of World Weather Day. To Read this article in the Nepali Language please click here. Nepali Patro.

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