Method of planting Tulasi

Method of planting Tulasi

By Nepali Patro (Sudan Bhattarai Upadhyaya)
July 2, 2021

Method of planting Tulasi.

Today is called Harishyani Ekadashi as it is the time for sleeping of Sri Hari or Lord Bishnu/Vishnu and this day is also known as the day of planting Tulasi. Today, on this Ekadashi Hindu community holds fasts in almost every house, worship Lord Hari Narayan, listen to his stories and plant Tulasi (basil). This day is also known as Devashyani Ekadashi. In this short blog of our Nepali Patro, we are trying to give information on the method of planting Tulasi.

On the day of Jyeshtha Shukla Pakchya Ekadashi also known as Nirjala Ekadashi, the seeds of Tulasi are sowed in a sacred place in soil, is planted in the Tulsi Math on the day of Harishyani Ekadashi and while performing special worship is married to Lord Bishnu on the day of Haribodhani Ekadashi as per the classic Hindu Legislation.  

Even in Ayurveda, Tulasi has been termed as a great medicine. It is grown in the holy place is planted in the tulasi-math today.

Praying to Bhagwati Tulasi with the following mantra/stotra given below, the method of planting it is as follows: –

<< प्रसीद मम देवेशि कृपया परया सदा ।

अभीष्टफलसिद्धिञ्च कुरु मे माधवप्रिये ।।>>

After praying like this, one should uproot the Tulasi facing the eastern direction along with some soil. While uprooting it in this way, one should chant/recite Lord Narayans’ name “Om Namo Bhagavate Basudevaya” (ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय). After uprooting in this way, Tulasi should be brought to Tulasi-Math and planted facing the east. Adequate watering should also be done after planting it.

Eight Famous Names of the Tulasi:- 

 As mentioned in the Tulsi Stotra of Brahma Baivarta Purana, there are eight different names of Tulasi. Excerpts from Tulasi Stora:-

<<वृन्दां वृन्दावनीं विश्वपूजितां विश्वपावनीम् ।

पुष्पसारं नन्दिनीञ्च तुलसीं कृष्णजीवनम् ।। 

According to the stotra/hymns mentioned above, those names include Vrinda, Vrindavani, Vishwapujita, Vishwapavani, Pushpasara, Nandini, Tulasi and Krishnajivani. It is described in this Purana that the mere utterance of these names yields the desired result.

Click here to read and listen to the story of Harishyani Ekadashi also.  To Read this article in the Nepali Language please click here. 

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