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  • The best moment (auspicious time) to receive Tika on Vijaya Dashami 2079. 
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    The best moment (auspicious time) to receive Tika on Vijaya Dashami 2079. 

    By Nepali Patro
    September 26, 2022

    The International Almanac Decision Committee has published the auspicious time to receive Bada Dashain (Vijaya Dashami) Tika of 2079 B.S. in different countries worldwide.

    According to the local almanac of each country, the auspicious moment of the same nature occurs at different times. When there is an auspicious moment taking place in Nepal, a different kind of moment takes place in Australia, UK, America, or other countries. For this reason, one can get information about the auspicious moment from the local almanac only.  Nepali almanac and its auspicious moment are only useful for Nepal. 

    International Almanac Decision Committee in Nepal, taking into consideration the fact that Nepalese living abroad who celebrate this festival according to the local almanac of Nepal are celebrating this festival at the wrong time, has determined the auspicious time for different countries to receive Tika during this year’s Bada Dashain. In the morning of Vijaya Dashami, there is a tradition to offer/receive Tika and Jamara as offerings of the Goddess after performing her puja.

    In the press release issued by the International Almanac Decision Committee on 4 Asoj, 2079, it is stated: “According to the decision of the meeting held on 04/06/2079 as per the inquiries made regarding the auspicious timing of Vijaya Dashami Tika by the Sanatan Dharma followers in various countries, following dates and time is being informed through this press release.” 

    Auspicious Moment to receive Tika in different countries and places –

    Location/ Country Dashami Auspicious Moment
    Kathmandu, Nepal 19 Asoj 2079 11:51 A.M.
    Delhi, India5 October 2022 10:45 A.M
    New York, USA. 4 October 2022 11:11 A.M
    Kentucky, USA4 October 2022 11:55 A.M
    Texas, USA 4 October 2022 11:35 A.M
    California, USA4 October 202211:45 A.M
    Washington D.C, USA 4 October 2022 11:25 A.M
    Toronto, Canada 4 October 2022 11:39 A.M
    London 4 October 2022 11:57 A.M
    Lisbon, Portugal4 October 202211:35 A.M
    Paris, France4 October 202211:55 A.M
    Oslo, Norway4 October 202211:25 A.M
    Tokyo, Japan5 October 202210:39 A.M
    Wellington, New Zealand5 October 202210:57 A.M
    Sydney, Australia5 October 202210:41 A.M
    Melbourne, Australia5 October 202210:55 A.M
    Brisbane, Australia5 October 202211:05 A.M
    Kwalalampur, Malaysia5 October 202210:25 A.M
    Singapore5 October 202211:27 A.M
    Bankok, Thailand5 October 202210:21 A.M
    Hongkong5 October 202210:55 A.M
    Seoul, South Korea5 October 202210:51 A.M
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia5 October 20229:55 A.M
    Doha, Qatar5 October 20228:15 A.M
    Abu Dhabi, UAE5 October 20229:01 A.M
    Tel Aviv, Israel. 5 October 202210:27 A.M
    Yanggun, Myanmaar5 October 20229:55 A.M
    Geneva, Switzerland4 October 20229:55 A.M
    Vancouver, Canada4 October 202211:45 A.M



    The best time to receive Vijaya Dashami Tika is 11:51 am on Wednesday, 19th of Asoj. On that day, it is best to immerse the Goddess at 10:34 in the morning and receive/offer Tika at 11:51 a.m. as her blessing. While receiving tika, one should face the eastern direction. 

    In many parts of the country, Tika and blessings are offered/received as Goddess’s blessing till the day of Kojagrat Purnima (full moon). However, in some parts, Tika is performed only on the day of Vijaya Dashami. 

    For centuries, Dashain is being celebrated as a National Festival in Nepal. During this joyous festival, Nepalese who are living away from their home and working in various professions and businesses, return home to seek blessings from their elders. During Dashain, which is celebrated during the festive atmosphere of autumn, special worships and puja, are performed for nine days to the 9 different forms of Navadurga Bhavani. Nepali Patro. 



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