Sithi Chahre

Sithi Chahre

By Nepali Patro (Sudan Bhattarai Upadhyaya)
May 25, 2022

Sithi Chahre. Among various festivals celebrated especially by the Newar community in Kathmandu and other places, one of them is Sithi Chahre.  The Newar community celebrates many Chahre (Chaturdashi) every year.  

While different castes and communities from all over Nepal are celebrating various festivals, the Newa community living around Kathmandu also celebrates their own festivals. One of them is Sithi Chahre. There are a total of 12 Chahre (Chaturdashi) in a year and the number increase to 13 when there is Adhik Mas. Sithi Chahre is one of them.  

According to the Nepal Sambat calendar, Sithi Chahre Puja falls a week prior to Sithi Nakha. The Pisach Chaturdashi festival also known as Paha Chahre in Nepal Bhasa falls on Chaturdashi tithi (date) of Chaitra Krishna Pakchya. Similarly, the Chaturdashi tithi of Falgun Krishnapaksha is known as Shila Chahre or Shiva Ratri 

While talking about Chahre (Chaturdashi), the one falling on Baishakh (Chaulaga) Krishna Paksha is known as Matati Chahre. The Krishna Pakchya Chaturdashi of Jestha (Bachhalaga) is known as  Sithi Chahre. While the Krishnapakchya Chaturdashi of Ashar (Tachalaga) is known as Dilaa Chahre. During the month of Shravan (Dillaga), the Krishnapaksha Chaturdashi is called Gathanmug Chahre or Ghantakarna Chaturdashi. The Chaturdashi date of Bhadra (Gunlaga) Krishna Pakchya is called Juga: Chahre. During the month of Ashwin (Nalaga) Krishna Pakchya Chaturdashi is known as Nalaswane Chahre or Chaturdashi Shraddha. In the same way, Chaturdashi of Kartik (Kaulaga) Krishna Pakchya is Swanti Chahre, which is also known as Narak Chaturdashi or Kukur Tihar

Similarly, the Chaturdashi day of Marga/Magh (Kachhalaga) Krishna Pakchya is popularly known as Bala Chahre or Bala Chaturdashi, and during this day people scatter Sat Bij (mixture of different seeds) around Pashupati Nath area. In the month of Poush (Thinlalaga) the Krishna Pakchya Chaturdashi is known as Dishi Chahre, and Chaturdashi of Magh (Pohelaga) Krishna Pakchya is known as Lai Chahre. The Krishna Pakchya Chaturdashi of Falgun (Sillaga) is popularly known as Shiva Ratri or Sila Chahre. In this same way, the Krishna Pakchya Chatudashi date of Chaitra (Chillaga) is called Paha Chahre or Pishach Chaturdashi also. Once every three years, when there is Adhik Mas (Anlaga) the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha is known as Adhik Chaturdashi. 

After all, Nepal is world-famous as a country rich in festivals and culture. From ancient times the people from different castes have been celebrating various festivals, on different dates here in this country. According to the Nepal Sambat, the Krishna Pakchya Chaturdashi of the month of Bachalathva/ Bachalaga is celebrated as Sithi Chahre Puja. On this day, the Newa community has a tradition and custom of celebrating Sithi Chahre. 

Today, people worship Sithi or Shiva-Parvati’s son Kumar Kartikeya in their respective houses. During this puja ceremony, not only Kumar but other deities are also worshiped. As already mentioned above, today’s Sithi Chahre celebration is an indication that Sithi Nakha will be here soon. This celebration also marks the beginning of a series of other festivals and Jatras (procession) of this year. On the occasion of Sithi Chahre, best wishes from the Nepali Patro family to all Nepalese including all Newa community.  To Read this article in the Nepali Language please click here.   


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