Putrada Ekadashi | Poush Shukla

Putrada Ekadashi | Poush Shukla

By Nepali Patro
June 24, 2020

The name of Poush Shukla Pakchya Ekadashi is Putrada Ekadashi. There is a legend that states Lord Krishna explaining and calming the curiosity of King Yudhisthir regarding Putrada Ekadashi and its importance. The deity of this Ekadashi is Lord Narayana. Putrada Ekadashi fast was first performed by King Suketuman of Bhadravati city. His wife’s name was Shaivya. But, they were sad and worried because they had no children for a long time. Their hearts were troubled by the desire for children and that too especially with the desire to have a son.

अपुत्रस्य गृहं शून्यं हृदयं दुःखितं सदा।
पितृदेव मनुष्याणां नानृणित्वं सुतं विना।।

Context of Poush Shukla Putrada Ekadashi

The king and queen, who were troubled by childlessness, did not feel happy when they saw or heard anything positive and joyful. From the time they woke up in the morning until going to sleep, they were worried about children. The king, Suketuman even thought of committing suicide because of this reason. But, he did not dare to do so when he heard Scriptures speak of the misfortune of a person committing suicide.

One day, the Suketuman king left his Sunya Griha (place of isolation) without telling anyone and left for a dense forest with an intention to live there. Even the Rajpurohit (royal priest) and his private secretaries did not know where the king had gone. In the dense forest, the lone king was wandering around hungry and thirsty. Unable to find his destination, he thought to himself – I have done many religious deeds in this life too, why am I suffering such? At that moment, King Suketuman saw a beautiful lake. He also saw beautiful ashrams of various sages on the banks of the lake. He approached the ascetic monks and bowed down to them. And, after pleasing them with respect asked them, who are you? He asked them where they have come from. The sages replied to the humble king- We are the Biswedev (gods) and have come to bathe in this sacred lake. After five days from today, the month of Magh will start. Bathing has very great importance in the month of Magh and today is the holy festival of Putrada Ekadashi therefore from today, we are engaged in meritorious deeds of bathing, chanting Gayatri mantra, etc. If you wish to ask for something, ask for it then the king joining his hands humbly begs:- O God, I am childless, I am distressed and wandering by the desire of a Son. So, please do tell me the way to have a son. The king’s anguish melted the sages, they advised him to fast methodically by showing him the importance of Putrada Ekadashi.

अद्य ह्येकादशी राजन् पुत्रदा नाम नामतः।
पुत्रं ददात्यसौ शुक्ला पुत्रदा पुत्रमिच्छताम्।।

O King, today is Putrada Ekadashi. Therefore, those who do not have a son, fasting on today’s Ekadashi, will definitely have a son. Therefore, do observe the fasting of Putrada Ekadashi, they advised the king, and the king fasted in the presence of the sages and concluded it on Dwadashi. After observing the fast, the king after repeatedly circling and bowing the sages returned to the palace. Then, a few days later, after realizing that the queen was pregnant, he started taking Ekadashi vows throughout the year. Due to the effect of Putrada Ekadashi fast, a glorious son was born to him. The king gave alms in the joy of having a son, and his ancestors too rejoiced. After that, the king spent time raising all the people of his kingdom and lived happily.

पितरं तोषयामास प्रजापाले बभूव सः।
एतस्मात् कारणात् राजन् कर्तव्यं पुत्रदा व्रतम्।।

This is the context that Lord Krishna told Maharaj Yudhisthir. In this context, God says:- This Putrada Ekadashi fast, even though it is very secret, I told you for the public welfare. Therefore, whoever observes this fast, will receive children in this world and the highest position in heaven even after death as well. It is said that even just reading the Mahatmya or story of Putrada Ekadashi brings the fruit of performing an Ashwamegh Yagya. Therefore, those who can, should fast on Putrada Ekadashi and those who cannot observe it, they should at least listen to the story of this Ekadashi or read it by themselves, this is the message of Lord Krishna.

पुत्रं प्राप्येह लोके तु मृतास्ते स्वर्गगामिनः।
पठनात् श्रवणात् राजन् अश्वमेधफलं लभेत्।।

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