National Magar Day

National Magar Day

By Nepali Patro
February 26, 2021

Establishment of Nepal Magar Association – One of the oldest tribal communities in Nepal is the Magar community. Throughout history, it can be found that the Magar community settlements are often scattered around the western Himalayan region of Nepal stretching from the Kali Gandaki river settlement. Their ancestors belonged to the East-Asian Mongolian tribe and from people’s beliefs and perceptions they subsequently migrated from Tibet towards Sikkim and then slowly entered Nepal via Sikkim is mentioned in history. Statistics show that later on, they were spreading from east to west in different parts of the then Kingdom of Nepal, now the Peoples Republic of Nepal and the population started to grow with time.

According to the data, obtained from the year, 2011 show that Magar occupies 7.13% of the total population of Nepal. This shows that they are the third-largest tribal community after Nepal’s Chhetri and Brahmins. From the time of the unification of Nepal to the present day, the contribution and sacrifice of Magars have been mentioned in history also. Hence from the earliest times, they are remembered and spoken of and known as heroic sons of the earth. The Magars are very rich in their language, cultures, dresses, and traditions. These peoples are multi-lingual, and multi-cultural who practice Buddhism as their religion. The linguistic script of the Magar community is called “Akha script” while it comes to the native language of Magars, there are four different types of local dialects spoken depending on the location.

To maintain the historical significance of these people, on the 15th of Falgun every year “National Magar Day” is celebrated with joy, excitement, ecstasy, and exuberance on the memory of these Magar Tribal communities. On this special day, people from the Magar tribal communities scattered in and out of Nepal celebrate this day with various programs for political, social, religious, and cultural upliftment and development from the political level to the government level. In this way, the tradition of celebrating National Magar Day has served as a source and guide for the entire Magar tribal community to grow together. In fact, “Falgun 15, Magar Day,” gives the community unity, organization, mutual harmony, brotherhood, and solidarity and is found to be true.
On the occasion of Magar Day, all the associations and organizations have in the past years taken the cultural and social activities of the Magar community and review them as to how they play roles in economic, educational, cultural, and political upliftment plus the development of the community. Similarly, discussions on how to safeguard the rights and interests of the community, and how to protect and further develop social norms are also discussed. On the state level, the initiative has been taken to find out possible measures for the liberation of the most marginalized and discriminated Magars. Discussions have been made on how to achieve above mentioned topics as well as for the establishment and construction of the historical site and land of the Magar in the Autonomous Kingdom which has been in use since the country’s change to a republic. From this point of view, “Falgun 15th Magar Day” can be considered as a very important day for the entire Magar community.

The first national convention of the “Nepal Langhali Family Association” was held in Damauli on 29th Falgun 2039 B.S under the chairmanship of Hem Bahadur Pun Magar. Later On the 31st of Baisakh 2040 B.S., the Central Executive Committee of the Nepal Langhali Family Association passed the unanimous proposal to celebrate it on Falgun 15th of every year as “Langhali Day”. Since then, the Nepal Magar Association and other Magar associations have celebrated “Falgun 15th” as “Magar Day” and this Day can be regarded as a very important day for the Magar community.  To Read this article in the Nepali Language please click here.


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