Mha: Puja

Mha: Puja

By Nepali Patro (Sudan Bhattarai Upadhyaya)
April 23, 2020

According to the Nepali calendar, every year on Kartik Shukla Pakchya Pratipada’s day the Newar community of Nepal in the memory of National figure Shankhandhar Sakhwa repaying all forms of debt of poor Nepali people who were hit by debt towards 880 A.D is celebrated as the initiation Nepal Sambats’ New Year which holds very cultural importance as “Nhu: Daya” and Mha: Puja too is celebrated in this very same day. Today, people of the entire Newar community worship Mha: i.e. soul, the inner self and wish good health and longevity for their body. Among all five days, the fourth day of Tihar is also considered to be a special day of Mha: Puja and holds similar importance as other days of the festival of Tihar.

The promoter of Nepal Sambat is Shankadhar Sakhwa. According to, the Man of the century and culturist Dr. Satyamoan Joshi, Glorious National figure Shankhandhar Sakhava repaid all forms of debt of poor Nepali people who were hit by debt towards 880 A.D. In history, it can be found, that the clearance of debt of all the people made Nepal debt-free, by Sankadhar Sakhwa, the then King Raghavadev of Bhaktapur ordered to establish Nepal Sambat from the year 936 B.S. in this auspicious occasion of happiness of paying back the debt. From that time onwards, in Nepal, Nepal Sambat which had been the sovereignty of governmental affairs, remained until the time of Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher.

In the Newar communities, according to the prevailing customs and traditions, all family members living in the same house gather in one place to receive the tika first from the eldest mother or father in the family and take blessings with the wish of good health and longevity of all after worshiping one’s own body. According to the classical statement of Hinduism, since the soul of man is the most important thing, it is believed that by worshiping oneself on the day of Mha: Puja if one can keep oneself satisfied, pure, and happy gods, goddesses also become happy and give blessings thus life will be successful. By doing so, the body will not get tired during the years of daily work and elderly Nepalis have faith and belief that this act of Mha: Puja gets rid of many diseases or ailments

Mha: Puja worship holds very special importance in all Newar communities across the country of Nepal and entertainment programs are in full swing throughout the day whereas, in the evenings, people flock out to the market for shopping of worship materials for the main puja. Which is traditionally celebrated with special priority in every house of the Newar community. On this day, in the settlements of the Newar community, people are dressed up in original, cultural dress according to the Newari traditions, plus cultural and traditional decoration can be observed all around. The fun of the famous Deusi-Bhailo program, which is played throughout the evening of the Tihar festival, is also very entertaining.  To Read this article in the Nepali Language please click here.

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