Gemstone according to zodiac sign & using method
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Gemstone according to zodiac sign & using method

By Nepali Patro
September 15, 2022

Gemstone according to zodiac sign.  A gemstone is a hard but natural mineral substance found on the inner surface of the earth, such gemstones are divided into three types, precious, rare, and complex based on the place of origin. Different precious stones/gems like diamond, and pearl, as well as semi-precious gemstones like ruby, coral, emerald, sapphire, etc, are found in the interior of the earth. Most of these gemstones form and exist naturally as minerals within the earth’s interior. 

The heat, pressure, and chemistry of fluids on the Earth’s inner surface and various conditions cause many mineral gemstones to self-produce. The atoms of these gems are hardened due to high pressure. 

According to Eastern Astrology i.e. Astrological theory, the science or method of using all these gemstones is determined based on a person’s date of birth, horoscope, lunar calendar, and so on. Although these gems are also used as ornaments or jewelry, according to astrology, every person born on earth has both good and bad planets according to his birth chart/sign, so it is suggested to wear gems to take advantage of good planets in human life and avoid the effects of adverse planetary effects. The main purpose of wearing any gemstone is to prolong the life of a good planet that brings positivity to life and to decrease the malefic effects of the planets. 

According to astrological belief, gemstones are used to reduce the negativity of a weak planet and to increase a positive planet’s effect. It is believed that the lifespan of a positive planet can be extended for a better life by using different gems. Thus, gemstones can be used to prolong the life of a positive planet for a better human life. Through this article, we at Nepali Patro are trying to give detailed information about different types of gemstones. Based on the gemstone and birth chart (horoscope), we will provide you with information based on which zodiac sign to wear which gemstone and the detailed method as to how to wear them. If anyone is thinking of wearing any gemstone for any personal benefit or purpose, please bear in mind that those gems should also be blessed with Vedic mantras for their effectiveness. The gemstone that has not been blessed by a professional astrologer can be considered only as a common stone without any positive effects.       

 Diamond – Diamond, an extremely valuable gem, is considered the principal gemstone for people born under Taurus and Libra signs. Similarly, it is considered a very important gemstone also for Virgo and Aquarius. In general, wearing a diamond is considered fruitful for Taurus and Libra zodiac signs and those born on Friday. It is believed to play an important role to conceive a child and increasing the intellectual power of Capricorns. It is believed that the use of diamonds also helps to increase family happiness. Diamonds represent the amplification of high hopes plus divine purity and bring peace to the life. On the other hand, diamonds bring clarity to relationships and also help to increase mutual love in couples.  

In case of misfortune arising from planetary defects of Venus, also known as Shukra Dasha, one can use diamonds to get rid of it.   

Wearing method: If according to Astrological Consultation from professional personnel, it is deemed necessary to wear a ring with a diamond, then it should be attached to metal like gold or platinum. Then the ring should be worn on the little finger, on Friday during Mrigashira Nakshatra. However, pearl and ruby should never be worn together with diamonds. Since the diamond is a very precious gem, white Topaz can be used instead.  

Ruby  – Ruby is another precious gemstone. This gemstone is considered very effective for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and those born on Sunday. When Aries wears Ruby, its effect increases intellectual power and increases the possibility of conceiving a child as well. The use of this gem gives strength to the Leo and it also helps in prolonging their life. For people with the Sagittarius sign, wearing ruby is believed to bring wealth and prosperity. 

According to Eastern Astrology consultation, wearing Manik or Ruby is advisable for people suffering from Sun Dasha i.e. planetary defects of the sun.  

Wearing method: A ruby installed in gold or copper should be worn on the Ring finger on Sunday during Tishya Nakshatra. Sapphire, onyx, or diamond should not be worn together with ruby.

Pearl – For the purpose of bringing longevity and prosperity to the life of people born under the Cancer sign, pearls are considered to be the best. Wearing pearls helps the Scorpio sign to acquire wealth. According to Eastern Astrology, people with the Capricorn signs receive family happiness while wearing pearls. Generally, wearing pearls is considered very fruitful for people born under the Cancer sign and on Monday. On the other hand, astrology also advises people born under the Pisces sign to wear pearls to increase their knowledge and to conceive a child.  

Wearing pearls is very suitable advice if a person is under the malefic effects of the Moon also known as Chandra Dosha. 

Wearing Method: Only after an astrological consultation, a ring should be made installing a pearl in silver and worn on the little finger during Rohini Nakshatra on Monday or on the full moon day.

Coral – Considered very beneficial for people born under Leo and Cancer signs, Muga (coral) is also considered the birthstone for Aries and Scorpio. Wearing Coral is considered very fruitful for people born on Tuesday including those under the Aries and Scorpio signs. 

In the same way, coral is suitable for a person suffering from the malefic effects of Mars so as to get rid of its effects. 

Wearing Method: On Tuesday, during Anuradha Nakshatra, a gold ring with pearl installed should be worn on the Ring finger. However, according to astrology and Vedic consultation, diamond and sapphire should not be worn together with coral. 

Emerald – Emerald is a gemstone that helps to gain wealth and to increase knowledge for people born under the Taurus sign. Emerald is considered equally useful for Sagittarius as well. However, wearing emeralds without any astrological consultation will have negative effects. Wearing emeralds without any astrological consultation is likely to incur unnecessary expenses. 

However, an emerald is considered to be a very beneficial gemstone for those born under the Leo sign. It is highly advisable to wear it by people under Sagittarius and Aries signs to increase family happiness and increase business. Similarly, it is very fruitful for those born on Wednesday, including those born under Gemini and Virgo signs. 

According to astrological science, people who are suffering from the malefic effects of Mercury (Budha Dasha) should wear emeralds for a positive outcome.  

Wearing method: A gold ring installed with emerald should be worn on the little finger during Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra on Wednesday with proper consultation and guidance from professionals.   

Topaz – Pushparaj also known as Topaz in English, is astrologically an auspicious stone/gem for prosperity and meaningful life for those born under Sagittarius and Pisces signs. Generally, Topaz is considered to be very fruitful for those born on Thursday including those with Sagittarius and Pisces signs. This gemstone provides great support to Virgo and Gemini so as to win the heart of a person they want as their life partner. Topaz also plays a very important role in the longevity of people of both Virgo and Gemini. 

Brihaspati Dasha (Jupiter’s malefic effects) or Guru Mahadasha: According to astrological science, if someone is under this malefic effect, it is advisable to wear Topaz after astrological consultation to get rid of that effect.  

Wearing Method: Topaz should be placed in gold and worn on Index Finder during Tishya Nakshatra falling on Thursday. But, according to astrology, sapphire and diamond should never be worn together with Topaz. 

Amethyst – Amethyst is believed to bestow longevity. It is widely known as the most suitable gemstone for people born under Capricorn and Aquarius signs. People born under Taurus and Libra could increase their fortune by wearing Amethyst. Similarly, it is considered very fruitful for those born on Saturday.

Saturn’s malefic effects (Sani Dasha): If a person is under Saturn’s malefic effect, Amethyst is the only gem that can get rid of it.  

Wearing Method: According to astrology and Vedic Consultation, Amethyst should be attached to PanchaDhatu (mixture of gold, silver, copper, iron, and brass), gold or iron, and should be worn on the ring finger during Shravan Nakshatra on Saturday. However, according to astrology, it should never be worn together with pearl, coral, or topaz. 

Onyx – Onyx is another gemstone that has the ability to produce excellent results of a special kind. Onyx is also known as the gem of Rahu i.e. north lunar node (ascending) of the moon. Also known as a gemstone with a very hard nature, the effect of onyx is immediately visible to the wearer.

If someone has malefic effects such as nag dosha, or Rahu dosha, then one should wear onyx to avoid them. 

Wearing Method: Depending on malefic effects, in the Rahu Dosha, onyx should be placed in gold or panchadhatu and should be worn on the ring finger during Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra on Wednesday. As told about other gems above, gems such as pearl, coral, and ruby should also not be worn together with onyx or without the proper advice from professionals.

Vaiduryamani (cat’s eye) – Vaiduryamani i.e. cat’s eye is a different type of gemstone compared to other stones. Before using any other gem, it is important to consult an astrologer, therefore to use Cats Eye too it is very important to consult a professional astrologer. By the use of Cat’s Eye, one can get rid of poverty. In the same way, to get rid of negative elements like ghost-phantom also Vaiduryamani should be worn.

If one is under the malefic effects of Ketu Dasha (effects of descending i.e. ‘south’ lunar node), it is suitable to wear Cats Eye to get rid of it.

Wearing Method: With the suggestion of a qualified astrologer, Cat’s Eye should be attached to gold, panchadhatu, or iron and worn on the Ring finger during Tishya Nakshatra on Thursday.  Gemstone according to zodiac sign. 

In the end, if you are in doubt about which gem to wear for good luck and prosperity according to your zodiac sign,  then please do contact us (Associate Prof. Lakshmi Prasad Baral) on this number 977-9823506636.  Gemstone according to zodiac sign. To Read this article in the Nepali Language please click here.  

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