Vijaya Ekadashi

Vijaya Ekadashi

By Nepali Patro
March 11, 2020

Ekadashi of Falgun Krishna Pakchya is called Bijaya Ekadashi. By the influence of fasting and worshipping on this Ekadashi, Lord Shri Ramachandra crossed the sea and conquered King Ravan of Lanka. According to the teachings of Bakdalbhya Rishi (sage Bakdalbhya), this fast was first performed by Sri Ramachandra.

फाल्गुनस्य सिते पक्षे विजयैकादशी भवेत्।
तस्या व्रते कृते रामः विजयस्ते भविष्यति ।।

Bijaya Ekadashi Context

Lord Krishna calms Yudhishthira’s curiosity by describing the glory of this fast. During the Treta Yug (era/Epoch) Devarshi Narad and Brahmaji reached Satylok and were in course of the dialogue about Bijaya Ekadashi when Lord Ram Chandra spent fourteen years in the Jungle. Meanwhile, Sita was abducted and taken away to Lanka by Ravana. The elderly Jatayu informed Lord Ram that Ravana had taken Sita towards Lanka via sky. After Hanumanji crossed the 100 yojan sea (1 yojan = 12 kilometers) and brought news about Sita being at Lanka’s Ashoka Vatika, discussions about increasing the ability to attack Lanka took place. Laxman said that it would be easy to invade Lanka by crossing the sea only with the help of divine power. After this, Shriram Chandra with his brother Laxman, visited the ashram of sage Muni, when Ram greeted the honored man Muni, he saw Shriram in the form of Bishnuparupa (a form of Bishnu). After Shri Ramachandra explained his purpose to Muni, Muni advised him to take the vow of Ekadashi Fast/ vow and explained the method of fast.

While taking this vow, Kalash (sacred water vessels) should be established in the morning on the tenth day of the month, the vow or the fasting should consist of sacred rituals and worshipping by diligently establishing the figure of Lord Narayana. One must fast and consume Habisyanna (particularly sacred food), devote himself the whole day, and perform Aarati during the evenings. On the morning of Ekadashi, one should bathe in the morning and keep awake the whole night with special worship and chanting hymns of Narayan. In this Ekadashi, one should offer pomegranate, coconut, and special edible food items to Narayana.

In this way, special worship is performed in Ekadashi. On Dwadashi, after performing the daily rituals, performing special worship of Narayan and worshiping the venerated statue of Narayana by placing it along with the pitcher in the river or lake water, donate them to Brahmin with the resolution to the desired victory. In this way, sage Muni assured Ram Chandra that from the merit of the fasting and worshipping of Vijaya Ekadashi Lanka can be conquered by crossing the sea.

अनेन विधिना रामः यूथपैः सह संगतः।
कुरु व्रतं प्रयत्नेन विजयस्ते भविष्यति।।

Shri Ram Chandra thus performed the Vijaya Ekadashi fast as per the orders and instructions as given by sage Muni. And sailed for the war towards Lanka. Sriram Chandra entered Lanka with the monkey army, defeated Ravana, and returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita. By fasting Vijaya Ekadashi one gains positive results/victory in this life, and he attains eternal happiness in an afterlife. The greatness of this Ekadashi is not only sinless/godly and virtuous but the sacred story of Ekadashi, who listens and recites it, receives the same fruit as the person performing a Vajpeya sacrifice.

विजयायाश्च महात्यं सर्वकिकिल्विषनासनम् ।
पठनाच्छ्रवणात्तस्य वाजपेयफलं लभेत्।

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