Asar- Month of Rainfall and Rice Plantation 
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Asar- Month of Rainfall and Rice Plantation 

By Nepali Patro (Sudan Bhattarai Upadhyaya)
June 17, 2021

Asar – is the month of planting a handful of paddy (rice) and create more of it. Asar is the Month of Rainfall and Rice Plantation. This is the month of sowing and growing one of the most consumed food in this part of Asian countries. As per Bikram Sambat, it is the third month of the official Nepali Patro (calendar) or the Hindu calendar. This month falls from mid-June to mid-July of the western calendar. With the arrival of Asar, when it starts raining from the sky, the agricultural sector begins to move in the Nepali environment. This month is known as the month of planting by Nepali farmers. The 15th day of this month or the 15th of Asar is also the day to eat curd and (beaten rice) chiura. The day is celebrated with a feast of Dahi-Chiura and delicious local food all over the country.

Farmers all over Nepal go to their muddy and waterlogged fields with new and positive enthusiasm and uprooting paddy from the paddy seedlings plant them. This is the time for farmers to plant paddy and dance, to sing “Asare Zhyaure Geet” with friends and relatives. At the same time, they express their joys and sorrows through various songs.

In Nepal, the year is divided into six parts according to the unit of time measurement based on a unit called Ritu. In English, the season is divided into four parts. According to this season’s arrangement 1. Is Spring (Chait-Baishakh), and 2. Summer (Jeth-Asar), and 3. The rainy season (Shravan-Bhadra), with 4. Autumn (Asoj-Kartik), and 5. Winter season (Mangsir-Paush) the Fall season (Falgun-Chaitra) the Nepali year ends. According to this seasonal arrangement, the month of Asar falls in the summer season.

This is the month of productive work, but if you don’t take good care, this time can bring water-borne diseases too. Therefore, during this rainy season, everyone must be careful. This is also the time to stay vigilant in places where there is a risk of floods and landslides due to heavy rains.

Nepali Patro has presented Wallpapers for its users on the occasion of this productive month highlighting the importance of this month. We are planning to present better Wallpapers in the upcoming months to suit the tastes of our users. This Wallpaper can be used to color your communication devices and PCs.

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